McLeroy confirmation hearings (with audio)

On Wednesday, April 22, 2009 the Nominations Committee of the Texas State Senate conducted hearings for Senate confirmation of Gov. Perry's nomination of Don McLeroy for a second term as Chairman of the State Board of Education (SBOE).

At one point in the hearings, Senatory Shapleigh announced his intention to oppose McLeroy's confirmation (see link to audio below). Published and unpublished reports following these hearings suggest that McLeroy's nomination will not be confirmed.

A archived video of the Committee's hearings is linked here. This is a 4-hour + 5 min. streaming video feed formatted for RealPlayer, with the part concerning McLeroy beginning after the first hour and twenty minutes. Here are some bookmarks, courtesy of John Kingman (who was there and testified):

1:20 McLeroy
1:56 Shapleigh
2:21 Watson
3:02 Wetherington
3:14 Kingman
3:18 McCants
3:23 De Lozanne (Click here for De Lozanne v. McLeroy on evolution as fundamental for all of biology.)
3:32 Miller
3:38 Ewing
3:46 Mercer
3:56 Saenz

I've captured the audio from this file, and broken it into the mp3 files below. The hearing on McLeroy was also blogged live by the Texas Freedom Network, which can be used as a key to some of the contents in the audios below.

Don McLeroy (Self), College Station, TX
<<==play here || download==>> TxSenCommMcLeroy.mp3 (4.1Mb)

Ronald Wetherington (also providing written testimony) (Self), Dallas, TX
<<==play here || download==>> TxSenNommCommWetherington.mp3 (1.3 Mb)

  • Sen. Shapleigh announces his intention to actively oppose confirmation of McLeroy as chair
  • <<==play here || download==>> TxSenNommCommShapleigh.mp3 (88 Kb)

John Kingman (also providing written testimony) (Self), Austin, TX
<<==play here || download==>> TxSenNommCommKingman.mp3 (526 Kb)

Michael McCants (Self), Austin, TX
<<==play here || download==>> TxSenNommCommMcCants.mp3 (428 Kb)

Arturo De Lozanne (also providing written testimony) (Self), Austin, TX
<<==play here || download==>> TxSenCommDeLozanne.mp3 (1.1 Mb)

Kathy Miller (also providing written testimony) (Texas Freedom Network), Austin, TX
<<==play here || download==>> TxSenNommCommMiller.mp3 (681 Kb)

Laura Ewing (also providing written testimony) (Self), Austin, TX
<<==play here || download==>> TxSenNommCommEwing.mp3 (905 Kb)

Ken Mercer [SBOE member] (Self), San Antonio, TX
<<==play here || download==>> TxSenNommCommMercer.mp3 (1.2 Mb)

Jonathan Saenz (Free Market Foundation), Buda, TX
<<==play here || download==>> TxSenCommSaenz.mp3 (1Mb)

For audio of the SBOE meetings on the science standards: